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Conveniently Located

Bosselman Travel Center (I-80 Exit 312)

Blacktop Chiropractic offers chiropractic treatments, DOT physical exams, and DOT drug testing & alcohol screening. Being located within Bosselman Travel Center, one of the largest travel centers in the nation, our clinic provides convenience for truck drivers who are often reluctant to take time away from their busy and demanding schedules to search for a clinic.

Who We Are

I'm a truck driver that stops to see Dr. Benson every time I travel through. Best chiropractor out there.
Kevin Barakauskas
“A great experience! Dr. Benson got me right in, was efficient with the DOT physical and does a thorough chiropractic adjustment! Highly recommend for the professionalism and great value!”
Josh Follmer
I was amazed at the level of professionalism from Mr. Cody. Please consider him if you’re in need of a DOT physical. He deserves more recognition than I have time, as he’s definitely earned my business.
Lanny Langley
Dr. Benson listened & took his time to work on my problem areas. He has a variety of services & reasonable prices. Convenient location & hours. I felt so much better when I left! Such a great find!
Nicole Gengenbach
Dr. Benson gave me one of the best back adjustment I've ever had!!! Very nice man!!! I will definitely stop in and see him when ever I can!!! I highly recommend him!!!
Gene McGrath
WOW! Cody has the magic touch and a no nonsense attitude. 46 years of Chiropractic treatments and this his methods and treatment may take a new fist place on my list. And also, certainly the best value. Thanks Doc.
Zak Hargraves
Went today! Great experience and feel better already! Full treatment and only $50 is the best experience I've ever had!
Michelle Matson
Dr. Benson is a great, extremely kind, friendly man. Has taken excellent care of me & my DOT needs for 3 yrs now.
Dale Robinson

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